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This month we focus on the author Shu Qingchun (舒庆春), better known by his pen name Lao She (老舍).Why start with Lao She? He was and continues to be one of the most the prominent and popular 20th century authors in China....

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Chinese fiction for English readers

Silk Gauze Audio’s titles and website are designed to help English speakers discover and access modern China through fiction. Fiction offers a unique insight into everyday life, placing readers directly in the perspective, minds and emotions of characters as they navigate the world around them.

Initially we focused on the best-known writers and stories published between 1920 and 1949, years of seismic change during which China processed its transformation from traditional empire to modern communist state. We encouraged our followers to read these stories, listen to them, let them be entertained and immersed, and come to understand what underpins the country China has become.

Recently we have been working with Beijing Ruxue Media to bring the work of contemporary author Xue Mo to English readers, and have released an audiobook of his Selected Stories.

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